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This project was an example of how to take a backpack fro concept sketch through to final renders. To begin with, the design was sketched out from multiple angles and in a few different arrangements to provide options during the modelling phase. Then moving into rhino I imported the images as planes and began rough modelling the block model. eventually breaking the block into panels and surface modelling all the panels on individual layers. Hardware was modelled in Solidworks and imported into MD and Keyshot for alignment and pinning.


Moving into keyshot for texturing I imported the .3dm file and began setting up multiple colourways. experimenting with different panel configurations and colour schemes. Using Keyshot's UV unwrap tool allowed to clean up some of the more complex geometry where Marvelous Designer had failed to remesh fully.


Once the colourways had been designed in keyshot I exported the set up into Blender as an OBJ. Using the mtree plugin as well as some photoscanned assets to create detailed environmental renders. Extra assets were modelled in Rhino and then imported into Blender. Particle systems allowed for random iteration and to create a more detailed scene to render the backpacks in. CGBookcase was used for a lot of the textures including the bark and fabrics.


This project was a lot of fun and something I really enjoyed working on. If you want help with rendering or modelling some outdoor equipment or softgoods I would be very interested to work with you. Get in touch with me on my contact page.

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