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Solar Articulating Backpack

Developing an articulating solar mesh for powering embedded sensors and other electronic devices.


Go Get Lost Clothing

Clothing print designs for a outdoor fashion brand.


Solar Technology International

Projects and concepts developed for Solar Technology International whilst out on an industry year.


1973 VW Campervan Project

Full rebuild and restoration as well as surface modelling, FEA and CFD analysis

Top View 1.png

Jewelry Design

A 3D printed Gold necklace showing the mountains around Vorarlberg with an inset emerald in Dornbirn.

Backpack sweden3.png

Pathfinder Backpack

An experiment in designing, modelling and rendering a full backpack concept from start to finish.


Pannier Bag

A universal pannier bag for commuting, designed to fit any backpack.


Titanium Hiking Kettle

A cook kit designed in the style of Japanese kitchenware that fits a full cook kit inside itself.

_MG_0160 (1).jpg

Linear Zip Pack Concept

Backpack prototype for quick packing and unpacking whilst at camp.


Cantilever Desk Light

Designing a counterbalancing desk lamp for an industrial brief from Xicato & Mike Stoane Lighting.

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