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Graphic Communication Project

Urban Route Mapping was part of the final year graphics projects, it looks at reducing stress in city dwellers by providing escapes and micro excursions that can fit into their daily lives.

Instead of providing the user with a route that would take a full day of their lives to complete this project aims to fit scenic trails and hiking routes into their normal life.

Each route pack contains a series of routes from their local area. The routes are all based out of major transport hubs and designed to fit into that 5 minutes to work or on the way home. 

Every option has multiple points to pull off back to a transport link and various excursions to points of interest such as local pubs, museums, and parks.

The aim of the project was to create a friendly link to the local area whilst not feeling intrusive and forced. The local feel and moderately informal language use should help people engage more easily. The cards have embedded NFC tags and QR codes to integrate them with an online mapping service of the users choice. | Tel: 07776 224 659 

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