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For the CFD portion of this project I used Ansys, trialling it with a few different models of car. The purpose of this was to show how the aerodynamics of a car affect the forces applied to it. As you can see and very unsurprisingly the brick-shaped Campervan is slightly less aerodynamic than the saloon car. This module was split into the computer-based analysis but also by learning the manual. calculations along side so we have the understanding of what we were typing into the computer.

GeoMagic Design X

This portion of the module was about reverse engineering from scan data. The defender was scanned into Geomagic and then utilising their rebuilding software converted back into a solid model through the traditional parametric modelling techniques used in Solidworks. This was then imported back into SW and finished and rendered. 

Siemens Jack Ergonomics

In terms of analysis, we performed 2 main types, environmental interaction analysis and then an ergonomic internal analysis.

For the ergonomic analysis, we used Siemens Human Jack Software to ascertain if the interior layout was appropriate.


We performed a reach analysis, vision analysis and strength analysis to test the dangers or discomfort to the user when operating the car. As it was a campervan the strength Analysis was obviously done by testing comfort whilst bump starting the van when it's inevitably broken down.


If you want to read more details on the projects feel free to check out the final reports linked below.


The CFD & 3D Report covers the Ansys analysis as well as the Geomagic 3D scan reconstruction. The ergonomic report covers the surface modelling using Solidworks, rendering in Keyshot as well as the analysis in Jack.

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